Algebraic Statistics

Each of the undersigned has been serving on either the Editorial Board or the Advisory Board of the Journal of Algebraic Statistics, at the request of its head editor, Sonja Petrovic.

We announce that Journal of Algebraic Statistics is discontinued as of 2020 due to a disputed claim of ownership by a third party. The journal has published 10 volumes. Archives are available from the University Library of Illinois Institute of Technology.

Mathias Drton, Peter McCullagh, Giorgio Ottaviani,
Akimichi Takemura, Marta Casanellas, Alexander Engström,
Hisayuki Hara, Abdul Salam Jarrah, Thomas Kahle,
Jason Morton, Uwe Nagel, Sonja Petrovic,
Fabio Rapallo, Eva Riccomagno, Yuguo Chen,
Caroline Uhler, Ruriko Yoshida, Piotr Zwiernik

Submissions are very welcome at our new journal Algebraic Statistics (AStat)

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